Chimneys and Chimney Fan Installations

Available chimney services: New Installation, Repair; Re-point, Seal, Power Wash, Transeal, Fireplace Door Installation, and more! Contact the office to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced craftsmen. We guarantee you'll love your chimney!

Brick Chimney Installations, Rebuilds, Repairs, and Fan Installations

Your mason will review the needs of your chimney and recommend a repair or rebuild. Leaks, re-points, flashing problems, broken/cracked bricks, and more are quickly repaired by our experienced craftsmen who can also aid you in the design process of a new chimney installation or rebuild.

Cultured Stone/Stucco/Cement Resurfacing and Chimney Caps

Choose from a large variety of cultured stone samples to cover the exterior of your existing or new chimney, or have your chimney refinished with stucco or cement in your choice of color. We also install a large variety of chimney caps painted to your preference or can design a custom masonry cap to adorn your chimney.